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Great Aluminum Bicycles: has them all

July 10, 2009

K7AM-FlatBlackwRed_1 (120 x 78) K7AL-MintGreen (120 x 81)K7AM-FlatBlackwRed_1 (120 x 78)

I have always been a fan of aluminum bicycles. They resist rust and are more light weight than steel bicycles. But rarely have aluminum bicycles been available and particularly not available in Beach Cruiser Bicycles. Now all that has changed and Just has started adding a new category on their site with just these bicycles.

Probably the rave of the future as discriminating consumers understand that bicycling is more than a sport it is a life style in this ever evoving economy. Check them all out at


JustBicycles Policy on Back Orders – A Helpful Suggestion

May 3, 2008

I just fielded an email where a customer wanted a specific bike. In this case it was a 7 speed beach cruiser bicycle with pink rims. But we get these inquiries farly frequently.

Here is the scoop . . .

In most cases there are many, many customers seeking the same bike as you. Bikes are manufactured in limited quantitites so that manufactures don’t get “stuck” with last years models. If you want a specific bike plan on pre-purchasing it and plan on waiting. Most times the wait is 1-4 weeks but for a specific “hot” bike sometimes the wait list goes into months.

For example last Christmas the hot bike was a orange beach cruiser. If we had a stream of this bicycle reaching five miles we could have sold them ALL. People were calling just before Christmas offering $500-$700 for this $200 bicycle. It was that hot. Smart customers had placed their orders back in October – November. Likewise, customers wanting a summer beach cruiser order in March.

So if you have specific bicycle needs pre-order the bicycle and be patient. Otherwise be flexible, be patient and plan on a good bicycle ride at a good price. (main site) (Blog) (Charity Site)

The Falcon GTS in Red