JustBicycles – To Give Away Free Bicycle

We are looking for someone that is a bicycle mechanic or home tinkerer that can assemble a bicycle, send us pictures and write an honest review.   

You must be willing to allow us to post your review (good or bad) and give us the rights to the review.  In exchange you will get a bicycle to assemble and a bicycle to keep when you are done.  If you are up to the task we would love to hear from you. 

Tell us about your qualifications (we are easy -) and which bike you would like to review and why you have selected that bicycle (a URL to the bicycle would be helpful to our selection team).  We have our own ideas but would love to hear from you.  

We will post who is selected on this blog so by entering you will allow us to publish your opinion, information and pictures taken during the assembly process. 



2 Responses to “JustBicycles – To Give Away Free Bicycle”

  1. Norman Blair Says:

    I am a bike rider and home tinker. I would love a chance to put together one of your bikes and comment on it. I don’t have any official training in bike assembly except what I learned on my own with my bikes. I am more interested in the road bikes but any bike will do.

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