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June 20, 2009

Just the online distributor of premier Beach Cruisers, Bicycles, Stingray, Banana Seat Bicycles and Mountain Bicycles has started Tweeting free baskets and bells to customers that follow on Tweeter.

Here is how it works;

Much like calling in for a radio contest you will need to 1) sign up to be a follower of “JustBicycles” on and, 2) respond to occasional “tweets” from Just Bicycles. If you respond within the specificed time as the tweet directs you will win free stuff including kids bicycles, Beach Cruisers Bicycles, Baskets, Bicycle Bells, Bicycle Horns and much more.

It is simple straight forward and FREE.

Just our way of saying THANK YOU to those thousands of customers that have made Just Bicycles their premier bicycle dealer.


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JustBicycles Banana Seat Bicycles

May 13, 2008 is constantly adding new bicycles. The latest is a multi speed Banana Seat Bicycle. This bike will come in green, orange, pink, chrome and white. Although the initial model will not have the wide slick tire on the back of the bicycle future models will.

Current Banana Seat bicycles of can be viewed here:
Green Banana Seat Bicycle

JustBicycles to Contribute Bicycles to Needy Children

April 6, 2008

JustBicycles announced today that it will be contributing bicycles, bicycle baskets, bicycle horns and other bicycle accessories to needy children, orphanages and private and public shelter facilities.

JustBicycles continues to contribute to those in need stated Sue Welch of JustBicycles LLC.  Welch further noted that JustBicycles LLC reserves a portion of its budget to assist needy children in their dream of owning a new bicycle. 

JustBicycles LLC can be found on the web at


JustBicycles Announces New Line of State Bikes

March 26, 2008  announced today that it will be commencing production on a StateHood Line of Bicycles. 

Each Bicycle in the series of 50 will be uniquely styled to reflect the characteristics of that states “personality”. 

The press release detailed Texas as being a bicycle featuring the Texas State Star and a western lariot.   Utah features a beehive and the famous, “This is the Place” monument,  Nevada a pair of dice and Louisiana crawfish and Bourbon Street.

For more details may be reached by email from the sites contact page located at giving away FREE BICYCLE

March 23, 2008 giving away FREE BICYCLESometime back we shipped a cruiser to Gerry up in Canada.  Here is a snipet from what he had to say. 

A while back, Sue from contacted me to add some of my articles to their website.  Being a cruiser bike maniac myself, I was happy to see that they had a nice selection of cruisers, even a tandem, among the other regular bikes. The prices were also very decent.  Anyways, I was going through their online bicycle catalog and I found this bike, The Chief. It was on sale at $140, shipping to Canada was $65, with duties and exchange rate, the total is a bit over $CDN300. Not bad considering that we don’t have too many cruisers around these parts and the price for something like this would be a lot more.   The bike was shipped with Fedex and I received it within 7 days. The bike was very well packed and the only loose thing the box was the seat, but it was very well protected for the trip. I have pulled hundreds of bikes fresh out of the box while working for stores and bicycle shops and this one was very much up to standard.

Here is the bike Gerry reviewed:

To be fair and find out if it was easy to assemble, I enlisted my daughter to take on the job. Now Sarah is not unfamiliar with bike maintenance, I have taught her well. But she never had the chance to assemble a brand new bike together. Don’t think for a minute that I gave her the job just because she’s a girl. Sarah can tune a bike, flip a boy bigger than her over her head and she sword fights with the toughest of them in Live Role Playing.

The first thing to do is to get that bike out of the wrapper and get your tools ready. You’ll need a set of Allen keys, a 15mm socket wrench for the wheel, a 15mm open ended wrench and/or an adjustable open ended wrench. Cut the tie wraps holding every thing together and remove the wrapping paper over the frame by hand. The only thing to watch for while unpacking the bike is the front wheel. It is slipped into the left crank arm and you must slide it out carefully. Install the front wheel and pull out the kickstand so you can work easily for the rest of the assembly. . . .

All and all, this bicycle doesn’t have a cheap feel to it. It is of solid construction and the ride is amazing. I have to say that I have fallen in love and it’s a good thing that my other bikes are not jealous! I’ll be making some modifications to this bike in the coming future and I will keep you posted on the progress. The first thing I want to do is go for a Shimano 3 speed Nexus coaster hub…and a suicide shifter. 🙂

Til next time, ride safe and Godspeed.


===============Free Bicycle Detail===============

That was last year and we are looking for someone that is a bicycle mechanic or home tinkerer that can assemble a bicycle, send us pictures and write an honest review.   

You must be willing to allow us to post your review (good or bad) and give us the rights to the review.  In exchange you will get a bicycle to assemble and a bicycle to keep when you are done.  If you are up to the task we would love to hear from you. 

Tell us about your qualifications (we are easy:-) and which bike you would like to review and why you have selected that bicycle (a URL to the bicycle would be helpful to our selection team).  We have our own ideas but would love to hear from you.  

We will post who is selected on this blog so by entering you will allow us to publish your opinion, information and pictures taken during the assembly process.

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