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Thanks to Bad Economy Bicycles shipping faster with greater variety

July 15, 2009


Thanks to a bad economy bicycles are shipping faster this year than prior years with a greater variety. With a little flexibility great bicycle deals are available this year in a variety of models. Manufactures have introduced both a 7 speed and 3 speed Aluminum bicycle into the market place and with slower sales risk are being taken on introducing a greater variety of products and product lines.

Beach Cruisers continue to dominant the market place and despite Lance Armstrongs heroic effots in the Tour de France it appears that Beach Cruiser Bicycles will continue to be the dominant bicycle in the middle classes of America.

Kids bicycles will be ordered for the Christmas season and again there is greater variety for this coming season. However, as always those that order first will get a better variety because once Christmas bikes are sold reordering does not take place until spring of the following year. So if you are looking for a kids bike order in the last week of November or the first few days of December for your greatest selection.

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Great Aluminum Bicycles: has them all

July 10, 2009

K7AM-FlatBlackwRed_1 (120 x 78) K7AL-MintGreen (120 x 81)K7AM-FlatBlackwRed_1 (120 x 78)

I have always been a fan of aluminum bicycles. They resist rust and are more light weight than steel bicycles. But rarely have aluminum bicycles been available and particularly not available in Beach Cruiser Bicycles. Now all that has changed and Just has started adding a new category on their site with just these bicycles.

Probably the rave of the future as discriminating consumers understand that bicycling is more than a sport it is a life style in this ever evoving economy. Check them all out at