Beach-Cruisers Bicycles

Beach Cruisers are our specialty at and we are good at it. We have been in business longer than most Internet Dealers and have passed down the bicycles business from generation to generation. I guess you could say we are a family of bicyclist.

Here is just a few of the incredible bicycles you can be riding by visiting our site at


2 Responses to “Beach-Cruisers Bicycles”

  1. John Fearns Says:

    I’m interested in a 26″ men’s cruiser to make into a gas bike. Names like Micargi and Schwinn come to mind. I’m interested in cost but durability is a major concern. Other consideration is coaster brake or hand brake. Single gear or multiple. Single gear and coaster brake seem to keep it simple. What am I missing? What other brands should I consider? Thanks

    • Contributor Says:

      In our opinion Firth Bikes is better built with longer durability than either Micargi or Schwinn. If you are looking for something that will take a beating and keep on ticking then try Firth. (Formerly known as Firmstrong Bicycles).

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