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of JustBicycles.com

A lady from Steamboat Springs Colorado wrote me today specifically asking for a 7 speed bicycle. Now we get these request for three speed or sever speed bicycles all the time. Usually, they are people that just think the multi speed bicycles make them look “cool”. They no more need a multi speed bicycle than I need an extra thumb. (Might be nice to have occasionally but rarely used).

So let me just comment on multi speed bicycles.

First, if you aren’t going to be riding in terrain that is going to require seven different gear speeds to accomdate the tough riding terrain you probably don’t need a 7 speed bicycle. If you are in this type of hilly terrain get a bike that will last for at least a couple of years. Don’t make your selection based on looks or price.

Second, if you want a multi speed and your terrain has an occasional knoll or small hill and you are to out of shape or lazy to pedal for 50 feet get a three speed. Three speeds now-a-days have internal hubs which shift without you fuddling around with seven different gears.

Third, if neither of the two above apply then suck it up and get a single speed. You’ll survive having to stand and pedal a couple of times and you might actually re-introduce yourself to leg muscles.

Here are a couple of my recommendations for 7 speeds.


One Response to “7 SPEED BICYCLES – WHY AND WHEN (JustBicycles)”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for the candor! I have been hesitant to get a new single speed bike because I thought I must NEED more gears. You’ve just helped me make up my mind.

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