Monster Beach Cruisers Bicycles for Large and Tall


Termed the Monster Beach Cruiser this is the largest bicycle we have ever known. Pricey at $699.00 it will dwarf the largest man and gives the average guy a little unnerving as he straddles the 36 inch rims. Easily made so that someone 7 feet tall can ride the bike at 6 foot I felt like a kid climbing aboard his first gigantic bicycle.

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4 Responses to “Monster Beach Cruisers Bicycles for Large and Tall”

  1. Reg Smith Says:

    I am interested in the Monster Bike but don’t know how I would like it. Is there some where in San Antonio, Texas where I could see one and test ride it? I was 6’4″ in my youth but have probably lost an inch over 57 years of Degenerative Disc Disease and 216 airborne jumps. Not sure it would be comfortable. I really like the looks of the Micargi Prado but don’t think one would be big enough to be comfortable. Wondered if someone made a similar bike in a Monster size.

    • Contributor Says:

      It is a big bike. Fiqure 36 inches off the ground at the cross bar. At 6 foot 4 you should have a very comfortable ride albeit a little challenging mouting and dismounting a bike this big. Trust me it is huge. (But all the big guys luv it. We have a customer in Garland that is 6 foot 5 and swears by the bike).

  2. steve Says:

    This is remarkable. I have a friend who is over 6’6 with a long 40″ inseam. She has problems fitting anything. Trek made a custom bike for her, but something like this would probably look normal on her.

  3. Nick Says:

    Where would you get replacement tires/tubes?

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