Canada Customs, Duty, Tariff Tax UPS versus Fedex

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I have been really frustrated lately in that we do a fair amount of bicycle shipments to Canada. Sometimes we ship direct and other times we have the manufacture ship direct. What is happening is that sometimes the driver won’t leave the bicycle unless they collect the Canadian Duty/Tax (Hooray that is how it is suppose to work) but then about 50% of the time they go ahead and leave the bicycle and then bill our account for the Canadian Customs/Tax. As a result we started collecting these fees up front. Problem being that not all manufactures do the same so sometimes the bike shows up and gets fees paid and other times there is no fees paid. However, after weeks of this cost and confusion I think we have established a pattern.

I appears that if you get a delivery in Canada via Fedex that they are far more likely to leave the package and not collect the fees than if the package ships via UPS. We first noticed this when it was Fedex always adjusting their bill to accomodate for unpaid Canadian fees. UPS rarely did. This would see to be born out by the fact that stateside Fedex is far more common to drop and run than UPS.

It looks like we are going to have to ship more and more with UPS. The confusion and mistrust that Fedex is causing with our customers simply isn’t worth the head ache. UPS is a little more expensive but then they seem to have fewer damage claims and now this issue with Canadian Customs. To bad because I really like the Fedex guys.


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