The long hot summer . . . .Bicycles at High Noon

Bella 8 vanilla with black rim (500 x 319)
From a family perspective this has been a great year. The economy is down so fewer people are spending money on big ticket items like bicycles (I’m assuming most have decided the old nelly will make it one more year) and the heat in Texas has been unbearable. Today it is 101 and tommorrow it is suppose to get hotter. But family in San Antonio say it is even hotter down there (I’ll take there word for it).

So remember that when you bicycle this summer water, water, water. It may come as a shock but the summer heat in Texas is nothing like the summer heat in the northern states. I remember living up north and it was nothing. Summer was water tubing, picnicing and fun. Frankly, I now only find it not suprizing that Dallas didn’t start growing untill after the advent of the air conditioner but I don’t understand how any one lived in Texas prior to air conditioning.

Stay cool, ride in the evening, ride on trails and drink plenty of liquid.


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