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Canada Customs, Duty, Tariff Tax UPS versus Fedex

June 28, 2009

BC105.20Deluxe.20Lady.20Black (500 x 367)
I have been really frustrated lately in that we do a fair amount of bicycle shipments to Canada. Sometimes we ship direct and other times we have the manufacture ship direct. What is happening is that sometimes the driver won’t leave the bicycle unless they collect the Canadian Duty/Tax (Hooray that is how it is suppose to work) but then about 50% of the time they go ahead and leave the bicycle and then bill our account for the Canadian Customs/Tax. As a result we started collecting these fees up front. Problem being that not all manufactures do the same so sometimes the bike shows up and gets fees paid and other times there is no fees paid. However, after weeks of this cost and confusion I think we have established a pattern.

I appears that if you get a delivery in Canada via Fedex that they are far more likely to leave the package and not collect the fees than if the package ships via UPS. We first noticed this when it was Fedex always adjusting their bill to accomodate for unpaid Canadian fees. UPS rarely did. This would see to be born out by the fact that stateside Fedex is far more common to drop and run than UPS.

It looks like we are going to have to ship more and more with UPS. The confusion and mistrust that Fedex is causing with our customers simply isn’t worth the head ache. UPS is a little more expensive but then they seem to have fewer damage claims and now this issue with Canadian Customs. To bad because I really like the Fedex guys.


The long hot summer . . . .Bicycles at High Noon

June 24, 2009

Bella 8 vanilla with black rim (500 x 319)
From a family perspective this has been a great year. The economy is down so fewer people are spending money on big ticket items like bicycles (I’m assuming most have decided the old nelly will make it one more year) and the heat in Texas has been unbearable. Today it is 101 and tommorrow it is suppose to get hotter. But family in San Antonio say it is even hotter down there (I’ll take there word for it).

So remember that when you bicycle this summer water, water, water. It may come as a shock but the summer heat in Texas is nothing like the summer heat in the northern states. I remember living up north and it was nothing. Summer was water tubing, picnicing and fun. Frankly, I now only find it not suprizing that Dallas didn’t start growing untill after the advent of the air conditioner but I don’t understand how any one lived in Texas prior to air conditioning.

Stay cool, ride in the evening, ride on trails and drink plenty of liquid. Announces Tweeter Signup Bonus

June 20, 2009

Just the online distributor of premier Beach Cruisers, Bicycles, Stingray, Banana Seat Bicycles and Mountain Bicycles has started Tweeting free baskets and bells to customers that follow on Tweeter.

Here is how it works;

Much like calling in for a radio contest you will need to 1) sign up to be a follower of “JustBicycles” on and, 2) respond to occasional “tweets” from Just Bicycles. If you respond within the specificed time as the tweet directs you will win free stuff including kids bicycles, Beach Cruisers Bicycles, Baskets, Bicycle Bells, Bicycle Horns and much more.

It is simple straight forward and FREE.

Just our way of saying THANK YOU to those thousands of customers that have made Just Bicycles their premier bicycle dealer.


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Bicycle Video of a ride Across America: Great Scenery

June 17, 2009

This video is from one of our friend on our MySpace Account. We get a lot of these types of videos but this one was put together so well and demonstrated a dedication to bike riding (even after a car/bike accident) that we wanted to share.



Twitter Enabled –

June 13, 2009

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June 12, 2009

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Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 9:31 PM
Subject: Re: Tracking Numbers 0n Bicycles Ordered

I would once again like to thank this company for outstanding services! Thank you for keeping in touch with me! I will be recommending this company to friends, and family. Thank you, and God bless.

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Large Chrome Beach Cruisers Bicycles

June 1, 2009

Chrome GTS Bicycle by JustBicycles

This is a large Chrome GTS bicycle. Many big and tall men find this bicycle to be a show stopper and comfortable to ride. This is particularly so with the 19 inch frame. Although not specifically designed for Big and Tall men (like the Chief Beach Cruiser) this bike is built with quality in mind. Some of the specifications include;

Frame Size 19″ for Man Colour CP
Frame Hi-Ten Steel Frame Fork Springer Suspension Fork
Headset Steel Crank 1 piece Steel 44T
Front Der Nil Rear Der Nil
Shifters Nil Rim Alloy Rim, 68H
Hub Front Steel Rear Coaster Brake 68H Freewheel 1 Speed
Tire Kenda 26″x2.125″ White Wall Brake Steel Coaster Brake
Handlebar Steel Cruiser Bend Stem Alloy
Saddle Comfort w/ Spring Post Steel, CP
Pedal Resin Body Extras Stainless Spoke / Fender