Cheap Beach Cruiser Bicycles

BC105.20Deluxe.20Lady.20Vanilla (500 x 364)

The BC105 was discontinue and now it is back. I can only imagine that with the steep price increases that were taking place in 2007 and 2008 that with the economic downturn manufactures realized that you can’t keep jacking up the price when people are now shopping for no frills cheaper bicycles. Hence the BC105 is back.

The BC105 Deluxe is a lovely bike and quite the nice basic cruiser but it is definately a no frills Beach Cruiser. Price wise it is considerably cheaper than some of the other models and along the line (price wise) of the Urban models. However, in my opinion the Urban models by Firmstrong and Firth are better bicycles and more enduring.

Check out both models at Just


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