Life on a Bicycle . . .

Annoymous Contribuiton

Sometimes live takes us full circle. When I was fifteen I ran away from home. Actually I bicycled away from home in that I owned a old style Banana Seat Bicycle. I originally was just going to stay around the neighborhood and sleep in my friends back yards (I had forgotten about snow and freezing to death) but as I rode my bike around the city it was freeing.

As such, I started pedaling further and further away from my circle of safety and soon I was 35 miles away. Sure my parents had called the police I took a job “bucking hay” and spent the summer on the “lam”. (I eventually fell in love and my new “friends” parents convinced me I must return home to date their daughter).

Now 30+ years later you can imagine my delight when I found a similar bike on your website ( as the very one that I pedaled that summer so long ago. Thanks for the memories . . . .



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