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Yellow Beach Cruiser Bicycle

May 31, 2009


More detail on this Yellow Beach Cruiser at Just


Comfort Bicycles by JustBicycles

May 31, 2009

BC105.20Deluxe.20Lady.20Vanilla (500 x 364)

Comfort Bicycles has been synonmous with the name JustBicycles and Beach Cruisers for years now. As the premier beach cruiser dealer JustBicycles has 200 beautiful cruisers at incredible prices.

Comfort Bicycles are shown by large seats, balloon tires, squared handlebars and often a wire or rattan basket. These bicycles have modernly been upgraded to include internal hubs, multiple speeds and both stell and alloy frames.

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Beach cruisrs by on sale now.

May 31, 2009

BC105.20Deluxe.20Lady.20Orange (500 x 345)

Beach Cruisrs are on sale at at some of the lowest prices in the last 10 years. New Bikes arive daily including the BC105 which is back after have been discontinued previously. In addition, those seeking Banana Seat Bicycles will find not only the usual kids Banana Seat Bicycle assortment but also Adult Models.

The BC106 continues to be popular but the Bella Bicycle is a favorite of ours and there are many more. Check them all out at Just

BC105.20Deluxe.20Lady.20Burgundy (500 x 368)

Cheap Beach Cruiser Bicycles

May 30, 2009

BC105.20Deluxe.20Lady.20Vanilla (500 x 364)

The BC105 was discontinue and now it is back. I can only imagine that with the steep price increases that were taking place in 2007 and 2008 that with the economic downturn manufactures realized that you can’t keep jacking up the price when people are now shopping for no frills cheaper bicycles. Hence the BC105 is back.

The BC105 Deluxe is a lovely bike and quite the nice basic cruiser but it is definately a no frills Beach Cruiser. Price wise it is considerably cheaper than some of the other models and along the line (price wise) of the Urban models. However, in my opinion the Urban models by Firmstrong and Firth are better bicycles and more enduring.

Check out both models at Just

BC106: Very Nice Bike . . .

May 18, 2009

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I received the bicycle…very nice bike.

Thank you.



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Life on a Bicycle . . .

May 16, 2009

Annoymous Contribuiton

Sometimes live takes us full circle. When I was fifteen I ran away from home. Actually I bicycled away from home in that I owned a old style Banana Seat Bicycle. I originally was just going to stay around the neighborhood and sleep in my friends back yards (I had forgotten about snow and freezing to death) but as I rode my bike around the city it was freeing.

As such, I started pedaling further and further away from my circle of safety and soon I was 35 miles away. Sure my parents had called the police I took a job “bucking hay” and spent the summer on the “lam”. (I eventually fell in love and my new “friends” parents convinced me I must return home to date their daughter).

Now 30+ years later you can imagine my delight when I found a similar bike on your website ( as the very one that I pedaled that summer so long ago. Thanks for the memories . . . .