Micargi Bicycles Tahiti Black Beach Cruiser with Red Wheels


26 inch Beach Cruiser. Comfort highlights this bikes features. CLICK HERE Micargi Bicycles has been around for a while selling bikes on the Internet. In the begining they had lots of problems. Mostly quality control issues dealing with their plant in China. Of recent (last couple of years) quality has improved significantly but unfortunately their policy on replacement of dents and dings still requires digital pictures (proof of damage) and other draconian measures.

However, all in all you really get your monies worth with Micargi Bicycles because they are one of the cheaper brands. However, if for 20-40 more you can step into a Firth, Firmstrong or Greenline Bicycles. Schwinn still has their heads in the clouds despite a reported double bankruptcy and over prices their bicycles for the local bicycle shops. (In our opinion the Schwinn Quality is simply not there to justify the price differences).

Anyway, most manufactures now offer sales via Internet and even manufactures that sell only to brick and mortar bicycle shops will “skim the cream” by selling direct to consumers via website (last time we checked Nirve Bicycles fell into this category).

Drop us a line and we will be glad to share our opinion on what is good and what is not.


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