Micargi Bicycles Rover GT Army Green


26 inch Beach Cruiser. Comfort highlights this bikes features. JustBicycles.com

I love the military looking bicycles. The General is one of my favorites and this Army Green is certainly a close second. Many manufactures have stopped selling military bicycles subsequent to 911 in that they were a great seller for the first couple of years and then dwindled in sales.

Military personnel continue to like the military bicycles but the problem is that shipping APO or FPO creates a problem in that the Post Office USPS categorizes bicycles as a oversized item and as a result will not ship by air but only by boat. The last time we shipped to a APO address it cost $150.00 and the bicycle didn’t arrive for three months. (The USPS will not guarantee delivery times on oversized items either). So basically we have left our military without the convenience of getting these bicycles . . . bummer.

I have written else where about the benefits of Beach Cruiser Bicycles JustBicycles.com but let me just say they are one of my favorite bicycles.

For more detail JustBicycles.org


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2 Responses to “Micargi Bicycles Rover GT Army Green”

  1. MIcarGI Says:

    what do you honestly think of micargi bicycles?

  2. Contributor Says:

    I think they have made significant improvements over the last few years. Still not on the same par as Firth, Firmstrong, Greenline but they are working on making improvements (and at their botton line prices it isn’t like you are making a 15 year investment).

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