JustBicycles.com – Micargi Bicycle Falcon GTS Red Beach Cruiser


26 inch Beach Cruiser. Comfort highlights this bikes features. It is the upgrade of upgrades when it comes to beach cruiser bicycles. JustBicycles.com carries this bike on a regular basis.

Beach Cruiser Bicycles date back to te late 1930’s – 1940’s when they would be ridden along the beaches and boardwalks of America. Then after being silenced for 50+ years the Beach Cruiser Bicycle made a resurgence. Beac Cruiser Bicycles include oversized seats with dual springs for comfort, fenders on the tires, springer fork (sometimes), comfort frames and wide balloon type tires. Modernly, these bicycles can be decked out with painted rims, custom baskets, electronic bells and many other features which simply weren’t invented back when the bikes were first introduced.

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One Response to “JustBicycles.com – Micargi Bicycle Falcon GTS Red Beach Cruiser”

  1. Weedwax Says:

    Gorgeous bike. I just bought the matte black version of it earlier today. Took me about 2 hours to put together (cuz I was drinking a brew and toking a bong) and she rides like a dream.

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