Puma Black Stretch Beach Cruiser


Frame : 17″ Chopper Oversize Hi-Ten Steel Frame
Handle Bar : Steel Chrome
Grips : Designer Grips
Fork : Triple Tree Style Fork
Stem : Alloy
Brakes : Coaster Brakes
Freewheel : Single Speed
Rims : Alloy Rims with Stainless Steel Spokes 68 Holes
Reflectors : Front and Rear mountings.
Fenders : Comes with fenders.

For more detail CLICK HERE

The Puma from Micargi Bicycles has been around a long time. When it was first manufactured it had a lot of problems with screeching and clanking as you rode along. Presumably, Micargi has fixed these problems as they have increased the quality control throughout their plant manufacturing system.

Like the Mustang the Puma comes in several different models including ones with the springer fork and the 3.0 (wide tire) on the back. Like all stretch cruisers the Puma is primarily a “look see” bicycle and not designed to be rode for long distances or over rough terrain.

For more detail visit JustBicycles.com


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