Bicycle woes of a mechanic . . .

This year has been an oddity unto itself. Several factors have come together to cause bicycle shortages. They include, 1) Chinese government closing plants while the Olympics are “in town”, 2) floods and earthquakes 3) high fuel prices.

These factors have resulted in bicycle shortages and cost that have spiraled out of control. Manufactures have been put in a position of “jacking” the prices up (even if you prepaid for the order) once bicycles arrive in port because the plants and carriers are “jacking” the prices up on the manufactures/distributors. Manufactures who didn’t adopt these cut throat methods went out of business.

One of our leading supplies has had an empty warehouse all year because they are literally shipping bikes out of the containers arriving in port. In our own situation we have sold more bicycles this year but made less money (because of the retroactive raising of prices by manufactures) then any other time in 20 years. Sometimes I feel like I’m working the floor of the stock market than running a bicycle shop.

We aren’t happy about this years scramble for bicycles but know that if we stop scrambling we will go out of business like so many of our competitors.

Hopefully, this will all stop soon but thus far I have been unable to see an end in sight. Certainly, Christmas is gearing up to be disappointing for those that don’t order early and endure long waits. In prior years we could ship just a couple of days before Christmas from a large selection of bicycles. This year I’m really not expecting to have any bicycles beyond the second week of December.

Sorry to “unload” but this crazy year has left us all frustrated at how our customers have been “roughed up”.



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