Christmas Bicycles in short supply . . . Get the details

The early shortages of 2008 seem to be returning as concerns the upcoming Christmas season. You must remember that many of the manufactures were unable to get bicycles early in the year due to Chinese floods and earthquakes. Plants in China seemed to have been closed both due to these natural disasters and due to the Olympics. Full inventories were not stocked until August which is traditionally the wind down of the bicycle season. This left some of the largest manufactures with a glut of bicycles that they were unable to sell in time to reinvest profits into the Christmas Inventory.


As a result kids/childrens bicycles for Christmas will be in short supply. BMX, banana seat bicycles, trick bikes, 20 inch bicycles, 16 inch bicycles and 12 inch bicycles will all be in short supply. If you are planning on surprizing your child with a Christmas bicycle you better plan on ordering in September or October and in some cases expect a surcharge, upon delivery, if fuel prices continue to rise (manufactures have stopped the practice of providing flat quote/cost ahead of delivery with the ever rising inflation prices) driving prices upward.

Don’t you miss out get your childs bicycle order in early so when containers come in you have a bicycle “reserved”. Otherwise, expect to take the left overs and pay uptown prices for bargain basement bicycles.



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