Bicycling across America . . . One broken window at a time

Our Myspace account CLICK HERE for JustBicycles MySpace Page has been filling up lately with teams of people bicycling across America. They have my greatest respect and admiration.

For anyone that has pedaled around the neighborhood or down the street you know that some people think it is great entertainment to see how close they can get their car to your bicycle in hopes you will topple over. I never understood these people because surely they wouldn’t throw you from a car moving 20-30 mph but bumping their car into a moving bicycle is much worst . . . isn’t it?

A friend of mine carries a steel rod in a tube attached to the frame of his bicycle. It seems that cars getting to close quickly learn the body damage is a two way street when it comes to thrusting a moving automobile into a steel rod. I can’t say I condone his actions but I have seen “crazys” become sane when the rod hits their car.

For me I think John Lennon said it best with, “All that I’m saying is let their be peace”.


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