Beach Cruisers: Accept no substitute . . .

Contributed by Mike

I was in a local bike shop last week when a older gentlemen and his wife came in to purchase a bicycle. They told the store clerk they had not ridden a bicycle in 15-20 years and just wanted something to tool around the neighborhood, and get a little exercise . . . but mostly just for fun.

The clerk immediately recommended a $1,500 Mountain bike. I wanted to scream!!!

Mountain Bikes are great and road racing bikes are a blast but for the average bike rider just wanting to take a couple of laps around the block there is no substitute for a Beach Cruiser Bicycle.

Beach Cruisers have been around for 50 plus years but have really been gaining in popularity in the last 5 years. They have the large over stuffed seats and come with or without fenders. They are a bargain basement price considering the price of mountain bikes and can be decalled up to resemble a Sponge Bob favorite or your local Bat Man criminal.

They come in all kids of fancy colors from Root Beer to Flamingo Pink.

Beach Cruisers are typically the best recommendation for the baby boomer generation just starting to ride a bicycle but they also have started making these in 7 and 3 speeds and making them in alloy versus steel.

Whatever the need Beach Cruiser Bicycles are a great buy and should be the first option not the last when starting to ride a bicycle whether it is the first time or the first time after a very long time.

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