How to decide what your proper bicycle size is . . .

Just a quick note to help those purchasing a bicycle.

A lady wrote this afternoon and inquired what bicycle size she should purchase. Admitedly there is some confusion between the different sizes of bike frame and the different sizes of bicycles in general.

Here are the facts;

1. Frame size has primarily to do with your comfort level between the hips and the pedals. If you carry most of your height in your upper body and have very short legs this may be a concern for you.
For most people frame size will not govern which bicycle they will purchase.

2. Wheel or bicycle size. This is the important one and particularly so if you are buying a boys bicycle with a straight cross bar. Remember you must be able to straddle the cross bar and put both feet on the ground comfortably to ride a bicycle. Similarly, if you have to jump from the bicycle seat to get both feet on the ground the cross bar will be a constant reminder that you bought the wrong bicycle.

a. Here is the measurement. Take your pants inseam and add 5-8 inches for the seat and you have the bicycle you should purchase using the wheelbase method. For example if your inseam is 32 inches and you add 5 inches for the seat you have a total 37 inches so you can easily clear the cross bar. A 26 inch bike will work out fine.

b. However, IF your pants inseam is 22 inches and you add 5 inches for the seat your total is 27 inches and not a comfortable margin of clearance on a 26 inch bike. In this circumstance you would get a 24 inch wheelbase bike.

3. Exceptions are if you purchase a womens bike with the exagerated S frame you will not have the cross bar worries but will want to get a bike whose seat you can get onto and off of easily.

For more detail and to view some great bikes CLICK HERE


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