We told you so! Bicycle price increases largest in 10 years

Manufactures have just rolled out a second waive of price increases. Some bicycles are taking a 30% price jump and others a 50% price jump. These are the highest price increases in 10 years.

Manufactures are blaming it on the cost of shipping bicycles to the United States but one can’t help wonder if some of the price increase isn’t due to supply and demand. As written on an earlier blog the high cost of fuel has driven people to taking bicycles, mopegs and electric bicycles as means of transportation. The USA has reached a transportation dilemma. More and more people are having to move closer to work to save on the cost of fuel. This at a time when jobs are becoming more scarce each day.

We hate to say we told you so but back in March we saw this coming. Buckle down and get yourself a good bike because this is likely to take 3-5 years to shake out economically.

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