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NFL Bicycles and MLB Bicycles: Terrible Service by Best Bikes USA

July 30, 2008

Best Bikes lied about having bikes in stock, refused to ship and told customers “stories.” Best Bikes USA was the worst wholesaler experience of all our years in business. They brag about selling bikes to Wal-Mart but when the bike goes bad and you have to call for help is Best Bikes where you want to call?

In fact (and unfortunately) there wasn’t any help from Al Pierce the President of Best Bikes because after months and months of emails and calls he ultimately blammed a employee for all Best Bikes problems and did nothing to solve the issue.


We will be publishing more on this nightmare soon including the emails that Best Bikes
sends out under the guise of customer service. (One even included a email fight between
Best Bikes employees and another was one department calling another department names
for telling people bikes were in stock when they weren’t – GREAT READING!!)


Beach Cruisers arrive with a flare . . . Check out this list . .

July 23, 2008

If you are looking for a new Beach Cruiser this is the time of the year. Beach Cruisers are arriving every day and more on the way. The entire selection can be seen


For those that didn’t know Beach Cruisers have been around for 70 years. But after the rage around Mountain Bicycles died down have been rediscovered as the comfortable means of transportation and highly sought after. Some of the popular models include fenders, baskets, bells and in some cases the GTS Springer Forks or old style Chopper Handlebars.

Bicycle woes of a mechanic . . .

July 22, 2008

This year has been an oddity unto itself. Several factors have come together to cause bicycle shortages. They include, 1) Chinese government closing plants while the Olympics are “in town”, 2) floods and earthquakes 3) high fuel prices.

These factors have resulted in bicycle shortages and cost that have spiraled out of control. Manufactures have been put in a position of “jacking” the prices up (even if you prepaid for the order) once bicycles arrive in port because the plants and carriers are “jacking” the prices up on the manufactures/distributors. Manufactures who didn’t adopt these cut throat methods went out of business.

One of our leading supplies has had an empty warehouse all year because they are literally shipping bikes out of the containers arriving in port. In our own situation we have sold more bicycles this year but made less money (because of the retroactive raising of prices by manufactures) then any other time in 20 years. Sometimes I feel like I’m working the floor of the stock market than running a bicycle shop.

We aren’t happy about this years scramble for bicycles but know that if we stop scrambling we will go out of business like so many of our competitors.

Hopefully, this will all stop soon but thus far I have been unable to see an end in sight. Certainly, Christmas is gearing up to be disappointing for those that don’t order early and endure long waits. In prior years we could ship just a couple of days before Christmas from a large selection of bicycles. This year I’m really not expecting to have any bicycles beyond the second week of December.

Sorry to “unload” but this crazy year has left us all frustrated at how our customers have been “roughed up”.


Christmas Bicycles in short supply . . . Get the details

July 18, 2008

The early shortages of 2008 seem to be returning as concerns the upcoming Christmas season. You must remember that many of the manufactures were unable to get bicycles early in the year due to Chinese floods and earthquakes. Plants in China seemed to have been closed both due to these natural disasters and due to the Olympics. Full inventories were not stocked until August which is traditionally the wind down of the bicycle season. This left some of the largest manufactures with a glut of bicycles that they were unable to sell in time to reinvest profits into the Christmas Inventory.


As a result kids/childrens bicycles for Christmas will be in short supply. BMX, banana seat bicycles, trick bikes, 20 inch bicycles, 16 inch bicycles and 12 inch bicycles will all be in short supply. If you are planning on surprizing your child with a Christmas bicycle you better plan on ordering in September or October and in some cases expect a surcharge, upon delivery, if fuel prices continue to rise (manufactures have stopped the practice of providing flat quote/cost ahead of delivery with the ever rising inflation prices) driving prices upward.

Don’t you miss out get your childs bicycle order in early so when containers come in you have a bicycle “reserved”. Otherwise, expect to take the left overs and pay uptown prices for bargain basement bicycles.


Bicycling across America . . . One broken window at a time

July 17, 2008

Our Myspace account CLICK HERE for JustBicycles MySpace Page has been filling up lately with teams of people bicycling across America. They have my greatest respect and admiration.

For anyone that has pedaled around the neighborhood or down the street you know that some people think it is great entertainment to see how close they can get their car to your bicycle in hopes you will topple over. I never understood these people because surely they wouldn’t throw you from a car moving 20-30 mph but bumping their car into a moving bicycle is much worst . . . isn’t it?

A friend of mine carries a steel rod in a tube attached to the frame of his bicycle. It seems that cars getting to close quickly learn the body damage is a two way street when it comes to thrusting a moving automobile into a steel rod. I can’t say I condone his actions but I have seen “crazys” become sane when the rod hits their car.

For me I think John Lennon said it best with, “All that I’m saying is let their be peace”.

Beach Cruisers: Accept no substitute . . .

July 9, 2008

Contributed by Mike

I was in a local bike shop last week when a older gentlemen and his wife came in to purchase a bicycle. They told the store clerk they had not ridden a bicycle in 15-20 years and just wanted something to tool around the neighborhood, and get a little exercise . . . but mostly just for fun.

The clerk immediately recommended a $1,500 Mountain bike. I wanted to scream!!!

Mountain Bikes are great and road racing bikes are a blast but for the average bike rider just wanting to take a couple of laps around the block there is no substitute for a Beach Cruiser Bicycle.

Beach Cruisers have been around for 50 plus years but have really been gaining in popularity in the last 5 years. They have the large over stuffed seats and come with or without fenders. They are a bargain basement price considering the price of mountain bikes and can be decalled up to resemble a Sponge Bob favorite or your local Bat Man criminal.

They come in all kids of fancy colors from Root Beer to Flamingo Pink.

Beach Cruisers are typically the best recommendation for the baby boomer generation just starting to ride a bicycle but they also have started making these in 7 and 3 speeds and making them in alloy versus steel.

Whatever the need Beach Cruiser Bicycles are a great buy and should be the first option not the last when starting to ride a bicycle whether it is the first time or the first time after a very long time.

Check out more on Beach Cruiser Bicycles BY CLICKING HERE

How to decide what your proper bicycle size is . . .

July 5, 2008

Just a quick note to help those purchasing a bicycle.

A lady wrote this afternoon and inquired what bicycle size she should purchase. Admitedly there is some confusion between the different sizes of bike frame and the different sizes of bicycles in general.

Here are the facts;

1. Frame size has primarily to do with your comfort level between the hips and the pedals. If you carry most of your height in your upper body and have very short legs this may be a concern for you.
For most people frame size will not govern which bicycle they will purchase.

2. Wheel or bicycle size. This is the important one and particularly so if you are buying a boys bicycle with a straight cross bar. Remember you must be able to straddle the cross bar and put both feet on the ground comfortably to ride a bicycle. Similarly, if you have to jump from the bicycle seat to get both feet on the ground the cross bar will be a constant reminder that you bought the wrong bicycle.

a. Here is the measurement. Take your pants inseam and add 5-8 inches for the seat and you have the bicycle you should purchase using the wheelbase method. For example if your inseam is 32 inches and you add 5 inches for the seat you have a total 37 inches so you can easily clear the cross bar. A 26 inch bike will work out fine.

b. However, IF your pants inseam is 22 inches and you add 5 inches for the seat your total is 27 inches and not a comfortable margin of clearance on a 26 inch bike. In this circumstance you would get a 24 inch wheelbase bike.

3. Exceptions are if you purchase a womens bike with the exagerated S frame you will not have the cross bar worries but will want to get a bike whose seat you can get onto and off of easily.

For more detail and to view some great bikes CLICK HERE

Armada of 7 speed bicycles are on their way

July 3, 2008

It has been a summer of bicycle drought. But relief is on its way, maybe. Several manufactures have said that they had three speed and seven (7) speed bicycles that should be arriving on the 15th of July. This will be great news for our Canadian friends with their short summer or the lady in Silverton Colorado that is already worrying about an “early freeze”.

The bad news is that the cost of bikes has risen dramatically. I suppose that isn’t a shock for anyone that has filled their tank lately but still I hate to see bicycles climb in price because it always edges out that element of society that needs bicycles most – kids.

Because of that we will be dedicating a section of our site to bicycle exchanges. People that have a need for a used bike and someone whose children have perhaps outgrown their old BMX.

Just our way of saying THANK YOU for all your years of loyalty.

We told you so! Bicycle price increases largest in 10 years

July 1, 2008

Manufactures have just rolled out a second waive of price increases. Some bicycles are taking a 30% price jump and others a 50% price jump. These are the highest price increases in 10 years.

Manufactures are blaming it on the cost of shipping bicycles to the United States but one can’t help wonder if some of the price increase isn’t due to supply and demand. As written on an earlier blog the high cost of fuel has driven people to taking bicycles, mopegs and electric bicycles as means of transportation. The USA has reached a transportation dilemma. More and more people are having to move closer to work to save on the cost of fuel. This at a time when jobs are becoming more scarce each day.

We hate to say we told you so but back in March we saw this coming. Buckle down and get yourself a good bike because this is likely to take 3-5 years to shake out economically.

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