Summer Bicycling in Hot, Hot, Hot – Southern States

If you live in any of the Southern USA states from Arizona to Georgia you understand that heat is heat whether a “dry heat” such as Arizona claims to host or humid heat such as Texas eastward is proud to boast. Either heat makes for bicycling miserable during the hotest summer months.

Four pieces of advise if you will be bicycling during the summer;

1. Carry plenty of water. Many riders and runners now carry a back pack full of water but at a minimum make sure you have an attached water bottle on your bicycle.

2. Bike during the early morning or evening hours when it is least hot. These hours will allow a more comfortable ride and allow your body to get the most caloric burn for the bicycle time.

3. Purchase clothing which will wick the sweat away from your body. To often riders jump on their bicycles without a second thought of the importance of proper dress. Don’t be one of these casualities because a summertime injury can put a long lasting crimp in your bicycle to health plans.

4. Get a good bike from

106 in Baby Blue


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