Yellow Beach Cruiser Bicycles –

Sometimes it is difficult to gauge the demand for a particular bicycle color. Last year we had ordered Many Beach Cruiser Bicycles in Yellow from the plant manufacture and sales of Yellow Beach Cruiser Bicycles were modest. Instead, orange was the hot color.

Please let us know if you would like us to re-order Yellow again this year by adding a coment to this entry. We will use repsonses as our defining point as to whether there is a continuing demand for Yellow Beach Cruiser Bicycles.

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2 Responses to “Yellow Beach Cruiser Bicycles –”

  1. jewelyAnne Says:

    yellow is the hottest, brightest color! whoever told you guys orange was the coolest, for 2009, its YELLOW!

    • Contributor Says:

      Sales of orange are far greater than yellow for 2009. Couple years ago yellow was popular but that was yesterday’s fade. Personally, we like yellow beach cruisers but sometimes we feel like we are all alone in that preference.

      Glad to see you also like yellow beach cruisers.

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