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Working in a bicycle shop is both the best job in the world and the worst job in the world.

First, it is the best job in the world because you sell kids new bicycles everyday. There is nothing like the smile of a child on their first bicycle to make you smile. (It brings back so many of your own memories). In addition, you get you pick of riding any bicycle in the shop and manufacture represenatives are always giving some bicycle trinket to remember them by. Schwinn Bicycles, Electra Bicycles and Cannondale Bicycles are all great bicycle manufactures (there that ought to get me some saddlebags:-) so working with them is a pleasure.

Great athletes and soon to become great athletes come into the store every day. Meeting them and learning from them is a wonderful job. It makes working in a bicycle shop all that more pleasurable.

Appostively, it can be the worst job in the world when your customer has a race on Saturday and the manufacture can’t ge the customers new BMX racer to you until Tuesday. Those days are truly gloomy. It is much like a life of servitude. Nobody gets rich but everyone has rewarding associations. On balance I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Royal Beach Cruiser Bicycle at


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