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Summer Bicycling in Hot, Hot, Hot – Southern States

May 24, 2008

If you live in any of the Southern USA states from Arizona to Georgia you understand that heat is heat whether a “dry heat” such as Arizona claims to host or humid heat such as Texas eastward is proud to boast. Either heat makes for bicycling miserable during the hotest summer months.

Four pieces of advise if you will be bicycling during the summer;

1. Carry plenty of water. Many riders and runners now carry a back pack full of water but at a minimum make sure you have an attached water bottle on your bicycle.

2. Bike during the early morning or evening hours when it is least hot. These hours will allow a more comfortable ride and allow your body to get the most caloric burn for the bicycle time.

3. Purchase clothing which will wick the sweat away from your body. To often riders jump on their bicycles without a second thought of the importance of proper dress. Don’t be one of these casualities because a summertime injury can put a long lasting crimp in your bicycle to health plans.

4. Get a good bike from

106 in Baby Blue


Yellow Beach Cruiser Bicycles –

May 18, 2008

Sometimes it is difficult to gauge the demand for a particular bicycle color. Last year we had ordered Many Beach Cruiser Bicycles in Yellow from the plant manufacture and sales of Yellow Beach Cruiser Bicycles were modest. Instead, orange was the hot color.

Please let us know if you would like us to re-order Yellow again this year by adding a coment to this entry. We will use repsonses as our defining point as to whether there is a continuing demand for Yellow Beach Cruiser Bicycles.

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Yellow Bicycle

JustBicycles Banana Seat Bicycles

May 13, 2008 is constantly adding new bicycles. The latest is a multi speed Banana Seat Bicycle. This bike will come in green, orange, pink, chrome and white. Although the initial model will not have the wide slick tire on the back of the bicycle future models will.

Current Banana Seat bicycles of can be viewed here:
Green Banana Seat Bicycle

Running a Bicycle Shop – JustBicycles

May 7, 2008

Working in a bicycle shop is both the best job in the world and the worst job in the world.

First, it is the best job in the world because you sell kids new bicycles everyday. There is nothing like the smile of a child on their first bicycle to make you smile. (It brings back so many of your own memories). In addition, you get you pick of riding any bicycle in the shop and manufacture represenatives are always giving some bicycle trinket to remember them by. Schwinn Bicycles, Electra Bicycles and Cannondale Bicycles are all great bicycle manufactures (there that ought to get me some saddlebags:-) so working with them is a pleasure.

Great athletes and soon to become great athletes come into the store every day. Meeting them and learning from them is a wonderful job. It makes working in a bicycle shop all that more pleasurable.

Appostively, it can be the worst job in the world when your customer has a race on Saturday and the manufacture can’t ge the customers new BMX racer to you until Tuesday. Those days are truly gloomy. It is much like a life of servitude. Nobody gets rich but everyone has rewarding associations. On balance I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Royal Beach Cruiser Bicycle at Grows in Popularity

May 4, 2008

We are greatful for all the support that we have received in our years of business. Each year we receive many great suggestions about next years models and we have implemented several of them. It is because of you the customer that has had such tremendous growth. THANK YOU.

106 Vanilla Beach Cruiser Bicycles


Other fine manufactures:

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JustBicycles Policy on Back Orders – A Helpful Suggestion

May 3, 2008

I just fielded an email where a customer wanted a specific bike. In this case it was a 7 speed beach cruiser bicycle with pink rims. But we get these inquiries farly frequently.

Here is the scoop . . .

In most cases there are many, many customers seeking the same bike as you. Bikes are manufactured in limited quantitites so that manufactures don’t get “stuck” with last years models. If you want a specific bike plan on pre-purchasing it and plan on waiting. Most times the wait is 1-4 weeks but for a specific “hot” bike sometimes the wait list goes into months.

For example last Christmas the hot bike was a orange beach cruiser. If we had a stream of this bicycle reaching five miles we could have sold them ALL. People were calling just before Christmas offering $500-$700 for this $200 bicycle. It was that hot. Smart customers had placed their orders back in October – November. Likewise, customers wanting a summer beach cruiser order in March.

So if you have specific bicycle needs pre-order the bicycle and be patient. Otherwise be flexible, be patient and plan on a good bicycle ride at a good price. (main site) (Blog) (Charity Site)

The Falcon GTS in Red