JustBicycles.com Announces Huge Summer Bicycle Sales

With the spike in gasoline prices bicycle demand is greater than ever.  Yet,  JustBicycles has once again scheduled huge summer-time sales.

But, JustBicycles warns that if you are seeking a popular bike such as a beach cruiser or custom bicycle then order early.  Waiting until inventories are low or the birthday party is just around the corner is bound to result in delays and dissapointment states Karen of JustBicycles.

Our goal is to see that you recieve the bicycle you want at the time you want it so keep in mind that summer time bicycle season is busy, busy, busy.   Yet that having been said we recently installed 24/7 sales assistance and have stream lined our operations to ship more bicycles this season than any other time in our bicycle stores business.  Whether it is a pink beach cruiser, orange bicycle or vanilla colored bicycle we are prepared to fill your order states Karen from JustBicycles LLC.

We want you to be happy with your bicycle.  That is the bottom line.

JustBicycles can be reached on the web at http://justbicycles.com



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