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Tips on Buying a Bicycle online from

April 19, 2008

If you are looking to save money then purchasing a bicycle online is perfect for you.  Online retailers typically have a larger selection, of bikes, than the local bicycle shop and can ship directly to your home/office in about 3-10 days.

But here are a few tips in purchasing a bicycle online;

1.   Understand that you will be putting a bicycle together.   Most bicycles come partially assembled.  So as to a single speed bicycle you should be able to assemble the bike in about 30 minutes.  New bikes can usually be assembled with common household tools.  However, this is not true of a multi speed bike.  If you have never put together a multi speed bike and are not mechanically inclined you should take your bicycle to a local bicycle shop for assembly.  You will probably still save hundreds of dollars but be prepared to transport the bicycle to a local shop for assembly.

2.  Be flexible.  When ordering understand that inventories change hourly.  Most sites update inventories weekly meaning that just because the site says a bike is in stock that color may have actually been exhausted.  Understand this and be flexible.  Have 1-3 alternative colors in mind in case your number one color preference is sold out.  Customers that do this have little disruption in their bicycle purchases.

3.  Purchase from a Website that list a contact telephone number.  Most sites handle their customer contact by email but a site without a published number will be diffulcult to reach should something go array.  Check the contact tab of the website and make sure there is a working telephone number listed.

4.  Be patient but persistent.    If you have not received an update, on your bicycle order, after 5-7 days email and/or telephone the bicycle site.  Make sure your order is in their processing que.  Websites aren’t perfect and occasionally a malfunction in the gateway or the shopping cart will result in no order ever being transmitted.  Be patient but persistent.

5.  Deal with sites that specialize in bicycles. 

If you follow the above tips you should have a safe and enjoyable online bicycle purchase.  (Main Site) (Blog)

http://JustBicycles.US  (Customer Testimonials)


Advertisements Announces Huge Summer Bicycle Sales

April 14, 2008

With the spike in gasoline prices bicycle demand is greater than ever.  Yet,  JustBicycles has once again scheduled huge summer-time sales.

But, JustBicycles warns that if you are seeking a popular bike such as a beach cruiser or custom bicycle then order early.  Waiting until inventories are low or the birthday party is just around the corner is bound to result in delays and dissapointment states Karen of JustBicycles.

Our goal is to see that you recieve the bicycle you want at the time you want it so keep in mind that summer time bicycle season is busy, busy, busy.   Yet that having been said we recently installed 24/7 sales assistance and have stream lined our operations to ship more bicycles this season than any other time in our bicycle stores business.  Whether it is a pink beach cruiser, orange bicycle or vanilla colored bicycle we are prepared to fill your order states Karen from JustBicycles LLC.

We want you to be happy with your bicycle.  That is the bottom line.

JustBicycles can be reached on the web at


JustBicycles to open store in Ukraine

April 12, 2008

JustBicycles announced today that it will be opening a bicycle shop in the former Soviet Union

country of Ukraine.  JustBicycles in making this announcement noted that both East and Western

Europe receive most of their bicycle products from Italy.  These bicycles are expensive and the average

citizen in the Ukraine has not been able to purchase bicycles as a recreataional sport.  With the introduction

of JustBicycles beach cruisers into Eastern Europe we expect huge growth over the next five years the JustBicycles press release stated.


JustBicycles can be found on the web at  Their Charitable Trust for Bicycle Accident Victims can be found at and their blog is located at


JustBicycles to Contribute Bicycles to Needy Children

April 6, 2008

JustBicycles announced today that it will be contributing bicycles, bicycle baskets, bicycle horns and other bicycle accessories to needy children, orphanages and private and public shelter facilities.

JustBicycles continues to contribute to those in need stated Sue Welch of JustBicycles LLC.  Welch further noted that JustBicycles LLC reserves a portion of its budget to assist needy children in their dream of owning a new bicycle. 

JustBicycles LLC can be found on the web at


Huge Price Increases Announced for April 18, 2008

April 4, 2008

If you are thinking of ordering a Beach Cruiser Bicycle now is the time to do it!   Such is the word from JustBicycles who announced that due to fuel cost and ongoing inflation, in China, that bicycles manufactured outside of the USA (most bicycles are no produced in China or Taiwan) prices will be going up aproximately $30 for each $100 spent.  That means that if you were thinking of buying a $200 Beach Cruiser for a little summer riding that come April 18, 2008 that bicycle will cost you $260.00.

JustBicycles is a premier retailer, wholesaler and manufacture of Beach Cruisers worldwide.