JustBicycles.com giving away FREE BICYCLE

JustBicycles.com giving away FREE BICYCLESometime back we shipped a cruiser to Gerry up in Canada.  Here is a snipet from what he had to say. 

A while back, Sue from justbicycles.com contacted me to add some of my articles to their website.  Being a cruiser bike maniac myself, I was happy to see that they had a nice selection of cruisers, even a tandem, among the other regular bikes. The prices were also very decent.  Anyways, I was going through their online bicycle catalog and I found this bike, The Chief. It was on sale at $140, shipping to Canada was $65, with duties and exchange rate, the total is a bit over $CDN300. Not bad considering that we don’t have too many cruisers around these parts and the price for something like this would be a lot more.   The bike was shipped with Fedex and I received it within 7 days. The bike was very well packed and the only loose thing the box was the seat, but it was very well protected for the trip. I have pulled hundreds of bikes fresh out of the box while working for stores and bicycle shops and this one was very much up to standard.

Here is the bike Gerry reviewed:  http://justbicycles.com/bike_details.php?item=The%20Chief

To be fair and find out if it was easy to assemble, I enlisted my daughter to take on the job. Now Sarah is not unfamiliar with bike maintenance, I have taught her well. But she never had the chance to assemble a brand new bike together. Don’t think for a minute that I gave her the job just because she’s a girl. Sarah can tune a bike, flip a boy bigger than her over her head and she sword fights with the toughest of them in Live Role Playing.

The first thing to do is to get that bike out of the wrapper and get your tools ready. You’ll need a set of Allen keys, a 15mm socket wrench for the wheel, a 15mm open ended wrench and/or an adjustable open ended wrench. Cut the tie wraps holding every thing together and remove the wrapping paper over the frame by hand. The only thing to watch for while unpacking the bike is the front wheel. It is slipped into the left crank arm and you must slide it out carefully. Install the front wheel and pull out the kickstand so you can work easily for the rest of the assembly. . . .

All and all, this bicycle doesn’t have a cheap feel to it. It is of solid construction and the ride is amazing. I have to say that I have fallen in love and it’s a good thing that my other bikes are not jealous! I’ll be making some modifications to this bike in the coming future and I will keep you posted on the progress. The first thing I want to do is go for a Shimano 3 speed Nexus coaster hub…and a suicide shifter. 🙂

Til next time, ride safe and Godspeed.


===============Free Bicycle Detail===============

That was last year and we are looking for someone that is a bicycle mechanic or home tinkerer that can assemble a bicycle, send us pictures and write an honest review.   

You must be willing to allow us to post your review (good or bad) and give us the rights to the review.  In exchange you will get a bicycle to assemble and a bicycle to keep when you are done.  If you are up to the task we would love to hear from you. 

Tell us about your qualifications (we are easy:-) and which bike you would like to review and why you have selected that bicycle (a URL to the bicycle would be helpful to our selection team).  We have our own ideas but would love to hear from you.  

We will post who is selected on this blog so by entering you will allow us to publish your opinion, information and pictures taken during the assembly process. 


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4 Responses to “JustBicycles.com giving away FREE BICYCLE”

  1. :-) Says:

    Hi, JustBicycles.

    Man, with gas at $3.20 a gallon timing is perfect.

  2. kenzo Says:

    hi (^_^) my names kenzo i live in los angeles, i went and read your post and i think i can help…i love riding bikes, my first love was 150-A redline, now long gone due to mysterous circumstances involving my parents and a garage sale… lol… it was just the best and afterward no other bike was good enough, it was a bmx style racer very responsive light weight an awsome three piece crank with some push in it…. i looked around and never really found what i was lookn for until one day i just stopped lookn and just started riding an old japanese 12 speed also long gone, but this time im shure it has a good home, i had traded it to a friend for a set of tabla that he brought back from india, his bike had been recently stolen so it was nice to know that he appreciated the bike as much as i did, it was very personal to me, i mean, both of them really were, i had to rebuild both of those bikes, so they were like my teachers, the redline i took apart peice by piece, i learned that not every handle bar stem is made the same (*_*) back wheels need constant truing (#_#) a pair of vice grips can do anything (^_^) and how to time my pushing so that it feels fun to go up an down little dips in the road ahah, on the “General” *thats what my other bike was called* i learned how to “actually” tru a wheel replace spokes tune a derailer tightn or loosen my brake lines and gear pacing around hills..but in the back of my mind i still had that picture of my ideal bike it would be one speed with the plate teeth chain an free wheel timed just right so that uphill doesnt feel like i have a stone brick bike beneath me and down hill doesnt have me idling out an just coasting, just high enough to get good leg extension but not so high im tip toeing every time i stop, good handling but not so sensitive i run into polls and studder at stoplights, ahh where would my love be? i just gave up and started riding an old spanish alpina uno, a womens mountain bike that i found in the trash and i gotta say… i LOVE IT, it was sent from above becaus for the longest time what i had been lookn for, a 24″ bmx style racer “not” a flatland which is all i can seem to find or the ubiquitous lil tiny 20″ frames, im 6’2 so any tiny bikes have me feelin like a circus entertainer *Not that theres anything wrong with being a cicus entertainer* haha but im just tryin to get around i have no car an so what im ridn ends up being really important to me, but the way i found this bike, took mi compleatly by surprise! im just walking around not far from my home and right next to row of garbage cans was like the virgen de guatalupe just sitting there luminecent in the warm california sun…. the back wheel was bent but not bad, really the only thing that needed to be fixed was the derailer* it was like bent like all the way under the bike* but i just took the whole thing, off changed my free wheel and whala!
    a womans 24′ mountain bike became my ideal ride fast, good control big enough i can get some good leg extension my hips are right over my crank and i get a real solid feeling ride, i couldnt believe it! im writing this right now an im gettin stoked (^_^) lol…. well so the reason im sayin all this is because for the longest time i was so fixed on findin what i wanted that something i never would have thought of found me and became that perfect frame, u know? it felt like, because i changed the way i was lookin at things or just staying open the things themselves changed…

    and so now im wondering what will happen can electronic beeps though wires and fingers convey my meaning? what will tommorows path show me…

    if was chosen i would throw maybe a smaller wheel up front lengthen the handle bars maybe a bannana seat an a sissy bar somethin special some goldn glitter grips oh a gold bell and chain! white paint with gold flake, definitly alot of spokes on the rims som whitewalls u know make it like
    all 70’s cali-cruisetastic lol (^_^)

    ahhh to dream

    right on well thanx guys, an many blessins

  3. kenzo Says:

    opps srry i forgot to leave these…
    ok so i chose these because they look they would be really fun to work on an they already have some of the flavor i was thinkin about i have no prefrence about which one though i think the’re all pretty awsome, maybe just whichever one is the tallest (^_^)
    oh an u can contact me here….

    thank u (^__^)



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