Micargi Bicycles Top the Market

November 27, 2010

Micargi Bicycles has climbed into the top spot for online bicycle sales according to Mike Mitchell a verteran of Internet Enterprises.

Micargi Bicycles outsell other Internet brands by 5 to 1 states Mitchell. Micargi Bicycles is no new comer to the Internet business having been in production for aproximately 10 years. They are the producers of many of the stretch cruisers that have become so popular and carry a variety of Beach Cruisers.

For more information on Micargi Bicycles visit: http://JustBicycles.com


JustBicycles.com NOW Shipping to APO ADDRESSES

July 20, 2009


JustBicycles has switched policy and will begin shipping to APO addresses. Frankly it is expensive (USPS rates these as oversized packages and will not air transport but only ship by boat) and lengthy (up to three months is what are soldiers are reporting). But after many, many request by soldiers, sailors airmen wanting bicycles in Afghanistan, Iraq and an occasional drone in Pakistan we felt the least we could do is shoulder the “dink around” the USPS gives us in shipping these package.

We appreciate what the armed service men and women are doing for us (we have been there) and if getting them a bicycle to ride around the villages is what we need to do than we are all onboard.

See the full selection of bicycles at Just Bicycles.com


Monster Beach Cruisers Bicycles for Large and Tall

July 19, 2009


Termed the Monster Beach Cruiser this is the largest bicycle we have ever known. Pricey at $699.00 it will dwarf the largest man and gives the average guy a little unnerving as he straddles the 36 inch rims. Easily made so that someone 7 feet tall can ride the bike at 6 foot I felt like a kid climbing aboard his first gigantic bicycle.

See more pics at Just Bicycles.com

Thanks to Bad Economy Bicycles shipping faster with greater variety

July 15, 2009


Thanks to a bad economy bicycles are shipping faster this year than prior years with a greater variety. With a little flexibility great bicycle deals are available this year in a variety of models. Manufactures have introduced both a 7 speed and 3 speed Aluminum bicycle into the market place and with slower sales risk are being taken on introducing a greater variety of products and product lines.

Beach Cruisers continue to dominant the market place and despite Lance Armstrongs heroic effots in the Tour de France it appears that Beach Cruiser Bicycles will continue to be the dominant bicycle in the middle classes of America.

Kids bicycles will be ordered for the Christmas season and again there is greater variety for this coming season. However, as always those that order first will get a better variety because once Christmas bikes are sold reordering does not take place until spring of the following year. So if you are looking for a kids bike order in the last week of November or the first few days of December for your greatest selection.

Find all the latest brands and models on sale at Just Bicycles.com


Great Aluminum Bicycles: JustBicycles.com has them all

July 10, 2009

K7AM-FlatBlackwRed_1 (120 x 78) K7AL-MintGreen (120 x 81)K7AM-FlatBlackwRed_1 (120 x 78)

I have always been a fan of aluminum bicycles. They resist rust and are more light weight than steel bicycles. But rarely have aluminum bicycles been available and particularly not available in Beach Cruiser Bicycles. Now all that has changed and Just Bicycles.com has started adding a new category on their site with just these bicycles.

Probably the rave of the future as discriminating consumers understand that bicycling is more than a sport it is a life style in this ever evoving economy. Check them all out at JustBicycles.com

Canada Customer says Loves the JustBicycles.com Bicycle

July 9, 2009

From: julie ellis [mailto:jellis.e@]
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 12:50 PM
To: Questions@justbicycles.com
Subject: Re: Bicycle Order

I just wanted to say THANKS!!!! I got my bike on Friday and I LOVE IT!!

Thanks so much for helping me get a cool bike all the way up here in Canada!


Get your own fantastic bicycle at JustBicycles.com


What makes a good bicycle: Beach Cruisers

July 1, 2009

What makes a good bicycle is the manner in which it is built. Is it sloppily spot welded so that it still has rough spots on the welds or once painted is it almost impossible to see the joints where the steel was welded together. What makes a good bicycle is the choice in using real ball bearings. What makes a good bicycle is the use of shimano parts. What makes a good bicycle is (in many cases) whether that bicycle was made on main land China or Taiwan. What makes a good bicycle is whether the pedals are screwable type so that they can be replaced rather than the whole bicycle having to be thrown away when they break.

To see the difference in good bicycles and junk view a couple of beauties CLICK HERE

Canada Customs, Duty, Tariff Tax UPS versus Fedex

June 28, 2009

BC105.20Deluxe.20Lady.20Black (500 x 367)
I have been really frustrated lately in that we do a fair amount of bicycle shipments to Canada. Sometimes we ship direct and other times we have the manufacture ship direct. What is happening is that sometimes the driver won’t leave the bicycle unless they collect the Canadian Duty/Tax (Hooray that is how it is suppose to work) but then about 50% of the time they go ahead and leave the bicycle and then bill our account for the Canadian Customs/Tax. As a result we started collecting these fees up front. Problem being that not all manufactures do the same so sometimes the bike shows up and gets fees paid and other times there is no fees paid. However, after weeks of this cost and confusion I think we have established a pattern.

I appears that if you get a delivery in Canada via Fedex that they are far more likely to leave the package and not collect the fees than if the package ships via UPS. We first noticed this when it was Fedex always adjusting their bill to accomodate for unpaid Canadian fees. UPS rarely did. This would see to be born out by the fact that stateside Fedex is far more common to drop and run than UPS.

It looks like we are going to have to ship more and more with UPS. The confusion and mistrust that Fedex is causing with our customers simply isn’t worth the head ache. UPS is a little more expensive but then they seem to have fewer damage claims and now this issue with Canadian Customs. To bad because I really like the Fedex guys.

The long hot summer . . . .Bicycles at High Noon

June 24, 2009

Bella 8 vanilla with black rim (500 x 319)
From a family perspective this has been a great year. The economy is down so fewer people are spending money on big ticket items like bicycles (I’m assuming most have decided the old nelly will make it one more year) and the heat in Texas has been unbearable. Today it is 101 and tommorrow it is suppose to get hotter. But family in San Antonio say it is even hotter down there (I’ll take there word for it).

So remember that when you bicycle this summer water, water, water. It may come as a shock but the summer heat in Texas is nothing like the summer heat in the northern states. I remember living up north and it was nothing. Summer was water tubing, picnicing and fun. Frankly, I now only find it not suprizing that Dallas didn’t start growing untill after the advent of the air conditioner but I don’t understand how any one lived in Texas prior to air conditioning.

Stay cool, ride in the evening, ride on trails and drink plenty of liquid.


JustBicycles.com Announces Tweeter Signup Bonus

June 20, 2009

Just Bicycles.com the online distributor of premier Beach Cruisers, Bicycles, Stingray, Banana Seat Bicycles and Mountain Bicycles has started Tweeting free baskets and bells to customers that follow JustBicycles.com on Tweeter.

Here is how it works;

Much like calling in for a radio contest you will need to 1) sign up to be a follower of “JustBicycles” on http://Tweeter.com and, 2) respond to occasional “tweets” from Just Bicycles. If you respond within the specificed time as the tweet directs you will win free stuff including kids bicycles, Beach Cruisers Bicycles, Baskets, Bicycle Bells, Bicycle Horns and much more.

It is simple straight forward and FREE.

Just our way of saying THANK YOU to those thousands of customers that have made Just Bicycles their premier bicycle dealer.


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